An instance of the program cannot access specified user directory

I recently installed the SNAP toolbox on an Ubuntu 16.04 virtual machine on an osX Virtual Box. Upon installing the toolbox, SNAP opens and appears to work properly, however, when I close and reopen the application, I get the error message shown in the screenshot. I suspect this has to do with root ownership, although I am unclear how to rectify the problem. I installed SNAP using all of the defaults. How can I ensure the SNAP program has access to the user directory?

Looks like I just needed to change the ownership of the .snap directory from root to user:

sudo chown -R ajp:ajp .snap


Posting in a old forum will not be seen by most other forum users. You should ask for help in an Ubuntu forum, as you may have a conflict with Ubuntu’s SNAP installer package. If you need help with ESA SNAP, you should start a new thread.

You should not use “sudo” to run the ESA SNAP installer. It is designed to be installed without sudo privileges.