Analysis tools inactive in SNAP

Analysis tools are inactive (except for Geocoding and Information) in SNAP 8.0.9 when viewing s2 MSIL2A images. All plugins and updates are actual. Reinstalling does not help. Op. sys. is Win 10. Launching in Win 8 does not help either. All works correctly on other machines with both, Win 8 and Win 10.
Could anybody advise I’d be grateful.

Hi Ian-McG,

This is a strange issue. Can you provide the Log?
SNAP FAQs - How to find the log files?

thanks, marpet for your response;
I do not get any error message, simply no analysis tool (icon nor drop-down menu) opens (except for Geo-Coding and Information)

here’s the log:
messages.log (167.2 KB)

The errors in the log indicate that this is due to a corrupted updated of the updates.
This happens to often in the recent past for some unknown reason.
For resolving this problem, please take a look at the FAQ entry I’ve just created:
How to fix a corrupted module update?

Thanks, marpet, success!
I highly appreciate your help, successful and professional, as usual

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