Announcement: Special Issue of IEEE GRSS JSTARS launched for TanDEM-X 10 years of operation

Dear All,

We are glad to announce the opportunity for a peer-reviewed publication in a Special Issue of IEEE GRSS JSTARS (Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, impact factor of 3.39) that has been launched on the occasion of the TanDEM-X mission that will celebrate its 10th anniversary in June 2020.

The goal of this special issue is to provide the opportunity to the international science community to publish the latest results and highlights achieved with the unique data of the TanDEM-X mission in a dedicated volume of JSTARS. By this, we aim to achieve higher visibility and impact of the published articles.

All scientists are welcome to submit their contribution using TanDEM-X data for the development of new techniques, algorithms or any kind of applications according to (but not limited to) the following topics:

· SAR Interferometry (Across and Along-Track)

· SAR Polarimetry

· Polarimetric SAR Interferometry

· SAR Tomography

· Digital Beamforming

· Super Resolution

· Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for a diversity of applications, e.g., geology, hydrology, glaciology, forest and agriculture, archeology and other related applications

· DEM Calibration

January 1, 2020: Submission system opening
June 30, 2020: Submission system closing

Link to the announcement

We are looking forward to your contribution.

Best regards,

Irena, Sandra, and Thomas
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