Annoying Error: Windows cannot find the target!

Hello world!
I’ve got this issue and I don’t know from what can it be. After I hit 3 times ok everything is fine, but this error it’s on so many menus or commands ex. open files, raster commands that pressume opening files, optical, radar. It driving me crazy. :expressionless:

Anyone knows what can it cause it?? Cheers!

It could be that your issue is related to the following:

So, maybe you have a broken link on your desktop.

@marpet The issues sugested are useless for me. I re-installed SNAP 7.0 and nothing changed. I am disturbed about this error :frowning: I verified the paths also (I thought the problem was there) but no progress.

it is not related to SNAP alone, but caused by shortcuts which point to a location or file which is no longer there. For example on your Desktop, in your user folder or the start menu.
This error is also reported for other programs, such as MS word, for example, so the only reported solution is that you search and delete (or update) this shortcut which is causing it:
Start serching in the standard directory which SNAP would suggest to write new results into.

I too have your problem with SNAP on my desktop though it works on my laptop. Trouble
is laptop.s graphics os too poor to use. ABraun seems to have given up with it.
Did you ever solve the problem ?

I have not given up, but this problem seems to be different on every computer. Some have snap64.exe in the top of the message window, others have javaw.exe. For some people, deleting the recent file list worked, for some it did not.
I cannot see any systematic behind this.

Glad to know this I will try deleting the recent file list when I can.