Anomalous sen2cor results

I have just tested the new sen2cor release (2.2.1) and first of all I want to thank the development team for the big effort made to improve the plugin (for instance I noticed that the scene classification has dramatically improved).
I am writing to report an anomalous output I encountered (see the attached image): on the left the corrected L2A image and on the right the original L1C image. Any suggestion on what happened?
Thank you in advance
P.S. The original image is: S2A_OPER_MTD_SAFL1C_PDMC_20160330T050601_R108_V20160326T103406_20160326T103406

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Good morning Gabriele,

I assume you are asking about these tile processing artefacts:


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Hello abgbaumann, thank you. So at present there is no way to obtain an image without artifacts, unless I perform a mosaic one band at a time and then I merge all the bands together …correct?

I don’t think that would work either. But maybe I am wrong.


Anyway it would be a lot of work…very annoying problem :frowning:

This actually suggests that the estimation procedure for aerosol optical thickness is very likely to either be wrong or a rather useless step. Again, if this would be truly open source we could probably find out what parameters are used to run this step and then either make sure they are the same for the whole scene (manipulating the metadata of the granules) or skip the step altogether. Why worry about IPR of a flawed procedure?