Another Sentinel-2 artifact

Hi all,
One of the images I need to use has an artifact (see pic)

Do you know what it is and if it is fixable? it is the only cloudless image over my study area.

The image is S2A_MSIL1C_20161016T152632_N0204_R025_T18MUD_20161016T152634

Hello @javier_unib

I believe the effect you are highlighting is the Spectral Response Non-uniformity. Section 6.1 of the Data Quality Report highlights:

In this section we report on a known feature of Sentinel 2 products created by the spectral response non-uniformity. This feature has been anticipated since the design phase and is compliant with mission specification.
This feature is characterized by along-track soft-edged darker or brighter stripes near the detector boundaries, as shown on the figure below. Indeed, the spectral response is slightly different at the edges of the detectors, especially for bands B03 and B05. When the spectrum of the scene has strong gradient over the spectral bandwidth of the detector, a difference in the measured radiometry can be observed (up to 2% in worst-cases).



S2 MPC/CC Operations Manager

Thanks Jan,

Do you know if it could affect classification results?

Hi Javier,

Sorry, but no. I’m not aware of that. However, I would note that the effect is within mission specs.