Any GraalVm plans?

Hi, SNAP contains many useful algorithms that need java to run. Is there any plan to leverage GraalVM to make the functionality available to other languages as native image DLLs? I am interested in Golang for example.


no, no plans yet. On the one hand it sounds interesting, eventhoug I don’t really trust the performance promises. Probably true for the examples but in real life applications things are often different. Also the polyglot feature is nice. But on the other hand this will add additional compülexity and probably a new source of errors.
At the time being it doesn’t to be appropriate for SNAP. There seem to be still some issues which would prevent a usage which SNAP. E.g.:

Maybe we will have a closer look at GraalVM in the future but not in the short term.

Thank you very much for your response. I keep my eye on that project.