Any news on a revised sen2cor?

Is there an intention to release updates to sen2cor that actually work normally on the OS “of the masses” like Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04??

I have just wasted several days trying to get this stuff to work, first on Ubuntu and now on Windows 7. This requires one to check out a host of error messages and implement somewhat idiotic tricks (e.g. shorten filenames, overwrite openjp2 with an older version of sen2cor, get lost with dependencies that are impossible to resolve, etc.). What is really shocking is that even after all these hoops, it still does not work even with the so-called “test data”. Makes one wonder what has really been tested, and on what kind of exclusive platform.

It’s bad enough that this is not actually open source (which would allow us to repair things as a community), but it is really disappointing that it is released in this state.



Dear experts and colleagues,

I have to take up this subject by @glemoine as I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the current Sen2Cor and particularly the scene classifications.

In the following post by @bdpg, he hinted that there is a Sen2Cor update on the way including an improved scene classification module:

So my question is, does anyone know when we can expect an update?



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Dear Val,

As far as I know you can expect the delivery of the update within few days. In the best case it will be released by the end of the week.

Kind regards

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Thanks Bringfried! That’s good news!

Hi @Val, hi @glemoine,

I agree that we should have a new better version of sen2cor. Although the classification issue is there but most importantly there are the following problems:

  1. Installation problems:
    Most of us use other programs that rely on python e.g. QGIS, GRASS, OTB-Monteverdi and yet the explanation on how to avoid conflicts are not clear in sen2cor manual (sen2cor-sum-2.0_user manual.pdf).
    For example they say in this manual: “If you already work with a different python interpreter outside of this new setup, you should add the PATH information for anaconda/bin to your environment only temporary. This is done as follows:
    export PATH=/anaconda/bin:$PATH
    If you have no other python installed, you can add this line permanently, either to your .bashrc or .profile script in your home directory”. We are not all familiar with python so where shall we type this instruction and what each part of it means?
    There is not a word about PYTHON_BIN although it appears in the sen2cor setting window.
    The help and user manual should not consider every user of sen2cor as a python programmer and give more detailed step by step explanations assuming they are read by the “basic” user of SNAP and the Sentinel-2 Toolbox.

  2. Conversion problems:
    I have opened a post about some of the existing problems. The correct conversion from TOA to BOA is essential and at least this should work because then we can use other software for classification.

  3. You @Val and others have mentioned classifications problems. They are real but installation and conversion problems are a priority in my opinion.

Let us hope the company producing sen2cor, a very useful and promising tool indeed, shall let us know about their roadmap soon.

Kind regards to all.

Can we get an update on this? Many issues are still to be adressed. When is the next release planned and what will be fixed?
@bdpg @umwilm

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Dear unnic,

The issue Bringfried has referred to in the above thread was (among others) fixed and released in Sen2Cor 2.2.1 in May of this year. A newer release of sen2cor which will include more recent fixes reported to us via the Mission Performance Center is currently in preparation, but there is no fixed release date, yet. We will inform when this has been authorized.