Any plan to release single tiles of pre October 2016 products

Is there any plan to release S2 products taken before October 2016 as single tiles? This would be very helpful, as using other single tile download systems is a bit tricky for the less computer savvy of us.

Have you tried to use, for example, ?
If you download the binary package from , you don’t have to build from sources and using a tool from a command line is not so tricky. Just make sure you have Java 1.8 installed and JAVA_HOME properly pointing to it.

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Thanks kraftek. I have tried to use these tools, but can’t get them working. For instance, if I download this binary package and extract it I get a ‘lib’ folder, a Windows Batch File, an Executable Jar File and an SH file. If I open the Jar file something happens, but no new windows open or anything. Is the tool installed? Do I have to open a command line from the folder containing the Jar file? You would scarcely credit the level of my ignorance about these things.

I have Java 1.8, but were do I find out if JAVA_HOME is properly pointing to it? You see - I have no idea? Developers of these tools all assume an underlying level of understanding which I (and I assume others) just don’t have. What is needed are idiot-proof instructions from start to finish of installation and use :wink:. Or the old products could just be released as single tiles as I said. But thanks again - I’ll keep trying.

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Google is pretty much idiot-proof :wink:

First result:

Thank-you - yes that was easy. Unfortunately (for me) there doesn’t appear to be any similar simple and comprehensive instructions for the installing and using the tool itself.

You can find a pre-release here (meaning it may have problems) of a GUI for the downloader I have mentioned in my previous post.
For examples on how to use the tool from command line, please see the home page of the tool.