Any possible sites to get all S1 SLC imagery at once?

Hi there,

I am new to SLC data processing and this platform.

Is there any other site where I could get all the SLC data at once? With the Corpenicus Open Access hub, 70% of the data is offline, and it has now taken 3 days with no retrievals, despite my request. As for ASF, they only have GRD data for my study area (Mt. Elgon, Uganda). What could be the other available options??

ASF has all the data. Filter results by SLC type else GRD ones are listed first:,0.922&polygon=POLYGON((33.9516%200.5477,35.3376%200.5477,35.3376%201.5022,33.9516%201.5022,33.9516%200.5477))&productTypes=SLC&resultsLoaded=true


Thank you @piyushrpt . I guess I didn’t filter well at first. Let me try again.

I got so many errors while using aria2c to download many images from ASF. I am not sure what the errors mean. Kindly help? @piyushrpt

Follow the steps on ASF’s page carefully. It says authorization failed - check your credentials as well.