Any url to download specific released version archives/zips (s3tbx)?

Hi all,
provided that I am aware of:

  • Download – STEP which contains links to installers and zip for version 5.0
  • SNAP UI → Tools → plugins → “check for updates” to get latest versions.

Do you have any repository/url where released archives are available for download?

I see the tags/release in github:

Containing zip/tar.gz with source code.

I also see single modules archived on nexus repositories, as an instance:

I’m wondering if there is anything like somewhere with all jars inside it.

Thanks in advanced for your help.

No, there is no such archive.
Only at this location are all the toolbox *.nbm files. Which contain the jar files.

The only thing into this direction is the BundleCreator
It can create an archive based on either an installed SNAP instance or on source code directories (must be build beforehand).
So you could check out the tag e.g. 5.0.3 from github, build the sources and then run this tool. so you need to checkout snap-engine, too.

The documentation for this is still pending. But it is easy to use.

Now the documentation for the BundleCreator is there.

Thanks for the feedbacks!