Any way to extract data for specific pixels for multiple images with graph builder?


Ive been combing this forum for the last 2 days trying to find an answer to this. I have about 60 S3-OLCI images, and I want to put 4 pins in, and extract data from only these pixels for all the images. Doing this for each file individually will take too much time, and so some kind of bulk processing would be ideal. From what I can tell, this isnt possible in the SNAP desktop app, but is possible with the GPT version. But my question with this still is: is there a way of defining the coordinates of the points i want to extract and using this in a bulk processing process? Or what might be the most efficient way to achieve this goal?

I hope this makes sense, let me know if you need more information!

Thank you:)

You can do it in the desktop.
The Pixel Extraction tool is made for this.
You can find it in the Menu at Raster / Export / Extract Pixel Values.

You can specify the coordinates of the pixel you want to export, and you can define the input products

See also the documentation:

EOMasters_icon_60 Marco from EOMasters - Mastering Earth Observation - Kofi_cup_40x30

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oooh, thank you so much! How did I miss that?! Somehow it really seemed to me that it was only for single scenes, and some other threads I read on this forum confused me more (but they were completely right, I just misread them).

One last question, is there a way to open many products at once ? I tried selecting all the folders, but this didn’t respond, and just opening the xdfumanifest files also doesnt work. Since I need to process 60 images, opening every single one will be very tedious. I checked this forum and the documentation, but couldnt find anything that was helpful here. Thank you so much again!

In SNAP it is not possible, at least not for the Sentinel-3 data, because of its data structure. In general, it is possible to open multiple products.

For the PixEx tool, you can define directories and patterns and then all matching products will be used.
Assuming you have all the Sentinel-3 SAFE directories in the folder D:\data
You can define something like D:\\data\**\xfdumanifest.xml
Select the option Add directory recursively… to do so.

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