AOI covered by 2 IWs

Hello all,
I’m using snappy and I would like to calculate displacements for my AOI. Unfortunately, AOI is covered by 2 IWs, but in TOPSAR split function I can put only 1 value for subswath parameter.
What is the best solution in cases like that? Should I process whole product without splitting (mother of memory, please no)?

My function in snappy:

def topsar_split(product, aoi):
    IWs = ['IW1', 'IW2', 'IW3']
    for iw in IWs:
            parameters.put('copyMetadata', True)
            parameters.put('subswath', iw)
            parameters.put('selectedPolarisations', 'VV')
            parameters.put('wktAoi', str(aoi))
            return GPF.createProduct("TOPSAR-Split", parameters, product)
        except RuntimeError:
            print(f"{iw} doesn't cover AOI for {product.getName()}")

Split products have to be processed by each sub-swath and then merged afterwards. At least it is indicated by the graph builder like this: