AOI Monitoring in SNAP 8?


where is the AOI monitoring tool in SNAP version 8?


The AOI Monitoring was intentionally removed / disabled. It was using the old Product Library module which was replaced in SNAP 8.
The AOI Monitoring could be re-enabled in future after making it compatible with the new Product Library module API.
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Thank you for your quick reply!

I hope it will be, I really liked using it!

Unfortunately, right now that I need it.

I continued using SNAP 7 to use the AOI tool.

Is this still the case, AOI Monitoring has been removed?

Even in version 9 we still don’t have the “AIO Monitoring” back. Do you have any return forecasts?

If there are enough requests for it we can consider re-activating it even quite soon, depending how much development work it is.