Apply conversion linear to db to an entire stack

Hi all, I would report another possible improvement. I noticed it is not possible to apply a db conversion to an entire stack of images but only band by band. The possibility to Select all the bands and then apply the operation would be useful. Moreover I think that other operations may benefit if a general function "apply to the selected bands in the product explorer " is implemented in SNAP.



I don’t see a problem here. Dropping the operator in the graph builder, by default it select all bands from its source product.

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Oh yep using the graph builder it works perfectly… From raster -> data conversion -> linear to db it presents the problem mentioned in the previous post…

Thanks for the suggestion, it will be useful!

I have a SAR stack of around 85 calibrated bands and wanted to convert them into db with the graph builder as suggested above but keep getting a java error:

Any ideas what could have caused it?

This is the full error message:

Don’t know what goes wrong here. Unfortunately the root cause is swallowed by catchOperatorException(). Could it be that the number of bands you have selected is not even? I think it must be an even number (real and imaginary) by looking at the code.

@junlu Can you have look?

thanks for the suggestion. This could be a reason: I already had the images calibrated and the real and imaginary parts of the images are no longer in the stack. I did it manually in the meanwhile so this is not of highest importance.

Thank you all for your posts. There is a bug in the linearToFromdB operator and it has been fixed. Hopefully the fix will be in the next release.


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