Apply-Orbit-File Error

I read an older post on this with no real resolution on this topic. Has anyone encountered an error while using SNAP that reads as follows “Error: [NodeId: Apply-Orbit-File(2)] Malformed reply from SOCKS server”?

I thought maybe something was wrong with my proxy settings or my SNAP install. However, this error only occurs with two specific S-1 datasets I’ve downloaded. I can apply orbit files to and co-register all of my other S-1 datasets without any trouble. I’ve re-downloaded the datasets and get the same error.

The two datasets specifically giving me trouble are:
S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20191223T223636_20191223T223703_030482_037D6C_F6D1 and

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For anyone else running into this issue, I was able to manually download the orbit files from here:

And load them into my .snap\auxdata\Orbits\Sentinel-1\POEORB folder. This allowed me to proceed with running the software as normal, but I have yet to figure out whats stopping the software from downloading the orbits automatically from the website.


thank you for sharing your solution! This will help other users which might have the same problem in the future.

Yes, thanks a lot!

I did download them thanks to “DownThemAll” plugin. If you have another soft that can download everything in the arborescence, it would be welcome!


ps: alternatives to try:


in Windows go to your user folder (C:\users\your name)
There you switch on the invisible folders and find .snap

Thank you very much for the solution! Would you know where I can find the orbits of June and July 2021. Thank you very much in advance. Greetings, Ximena

Hi friends, I had this problem too, but the problem was fixed by updating the software.

Hello, Thanks for you answer Kordlou. Update the software and the problem continues.
Below are the errors when I try to co-register and when I try to apply the orbit.

Enter the indicated page and I see the following. without the possibility of downloading orbits.

thank you very much for your help.
greetings, ximena

Hi Ximena,

The official place to download Orbit files is
universal login : gnssguest and pwd: gnssguest

Normally the last version of SNAP is downloading the POEORB files automatically, BUT it works only through the interface.

I’m personnaly using sentineleof · PyPI for batch processings as SNAP GPT is still crashing when it comes to download POEORB files…

By the way, anyone is having this problem too ? SNAP’s interface is downloading well POEORB files, but not when called through GPT?

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Hi AriJeannin,

I have the same problem like you. Did you you solve the problem?


Karlmarx is alive! Glad to meet you!

Nope, I’m still using sentineleof library from python…


Thank you… Do you have any progress in using ‘sentineleof’ library for orbit file step?



Sorry, I don’t understand your question…
If it is about my usage of sentineleof lib, please find below how I wrote it, you can arrange it in your own way.


def DL_S1_orbitfile (S1zip: str, out: str ="Default"):
    If issue with download_eofs, please upgrade the following package

    pip install --upgrade sentinelsat

    :param S1zip: S1 IW SLC zip full path
    :param out: where to put the POEORB file, default is your .snap default folder
    :return: 0
    # Importation de la librairie OEF
        from import download_eofs
        LOGGER.critical(" library is not installed")
        LOGGER.critical("Please visit")
        raise Exception("/!\ Python lib is missing /!\ ")

    # Configuration de l'output EOF
    if out == "Default":

        # Lecture de la date et du mois pour trier le fichier orbit dans le bon dossier SNAP
        yy ="\d{8}", os.path.basename(S1zip)).group(0)
        yyyy = datetime.datetime.strptime(yy, '%Y%m%d').strftime('%Y')   # Recup de l'année
        mm = datetime.datetime.strptime(yy, '%Y%m%d').strftime('%m')     # Recup du mois
        sat = os.path.basename(S1zip)[:3]                       # Recup Satellite S1A ou S1B

        if os.getenv("USERPROFILE") == None:
            LOGGER.critical("Default Snap folder is not found")
            LOGGER.critical("Please enter the .snap folder where are stocked the Orbit files")
            raise FileNotFoundError ("Can't find the .snap folder")
            out = os.path.join(os.getenv("USERPROFILE"), ".snap", "auxdata", "Orbits", "Sentinel-1", "POEORB", sat, 
                               yyyy, mm)

    # Telechargement
        download_eofs(sentinel_file=S1zip, save_dir=out)
    except ValidityError:
        LOGGER.debug("POEORB file doesn't exist.", exc_info=True)"[OK]")
    return 0

Thank you AriJeannin. I will try with ‘sentineleof’ package.


Do you know where I can find the orbit files for the following files?



@andres_fonseca Sentinel-1 orbit files can be downloaded from


Thanks for your help

With how much delay from the creation date of images can we take precise orbits?
One month or еаrlier?

Hi @Alpinec,
Please have a look at

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