Apply Orbit File - Unable to find DORIS Precise VOR file


I am having problems with SNAP in retrieving precise orbit file while using Apply Orbit File Operator with an ENVISAT ASAR product.

The ENVISAT ASAR Wide Swath Mode (ASA_WSM_1P) product is the following:
dtstart: 2006-03-31T09:38:30.000Z
dtend: 2006-03-31T09:44:55.000Z

The relative portion of my SNAP graph is the following:
node id=“Apply-Orbit-File”
Product refid=“Read”
parameters class=“com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.XppDomElement”
orbitType=DORIS Precise VOR (ENVISAT) (Auto Download)

The error is the following:
Error: [NodeId: Apply-Orbit-File] Unable to find suitable DORIS orbit file in /data/snap6/auxdata/Orbits/Doris/vor/200603

SNAP’s Apply Orbit File Operator with Orbit State vectors processing parameter set as “DORIS Precise VOR (ENVISAT) (Auto Download)”, is downloading and searching into the 200603 directory, however the last available information in such VOR directory is for 31-MAR-2006 00:23:27.

I have also downloaded the entire package for 200603 from ESA dedicated webpage ( and from my understanding the needed file (DOR_VOR_AXVF-P20160701_132900_20060330_215527_20060401_002327) is stored into the 200604 directory and not in the 200603 one downloaded by SNAP.

I believe that is the reason why the Apply Orbit File Operator is failing. I haven’t found not even a way to define as input of the tool the specific orbit file manually downloaded from ESA ftp. It seems that the AutoDownload is the only option.

Am I right? I haven’t found a way to manually define the file DOR_VOR_AXVF-P20160701_132900_20060330_215527_20060401_002327 as input of the Apply Orbit File Operator. It seems that the Autodownload is the only option.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you in advance,

Are you using SNAP6 as your path suggests?

Thank you for your reply. Yes I am using SNAP6. What do you think may be the problem?

SNAP6 in not supported - the current version is 7, please try with it after installing all the module updates.

Unfortunately same error using also SNAP7.

Error: [NodeId: Apply-Orbit-File] Unable to find suitable DORIS orbit file in

Any ideas?

Hello. Could you please advise on this error? Thank you in advance

FYI, when I wrote this post I also opened a ticket with EO Help. They are also investigating on this topic. In case I get a solution I will share it here in this post for the SNAP community.