Asking for help

Hello everyone,
I’m doing my Master’s research on historical land cover mapping with Sentinel2 and Landsat data, I’m in desperate need of guidance and supervision. If there’s anyone willing to help me, leave me your email address or other and I’ll contact you for more detailson the matter.
Thank you !

we are here to help in this forum, but in my opinion, your supervisor should provide at least a basic level of guidance and supervision to you as well. Giving students topics without some consultation on what is to do (and how it could be achieved) is not how a master thesis should be (although I don’t know your case).

If you share your questions in here, we can think of solutions. But please try to be as concrete as possible and let us know at which point you struggle.

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Agreed, this forum cannot be a substitute for studies/courses in Remote Sensing and Earth Observation - that is what Universities and online courses are for. if you have processing-related problems people on the forum will probably be able to provide some help.