ASTER Not Projecting in SNAP

When I try to open ASTER products in SNAP 10, it does not read the geo information properly. I don’t remember this being the behavior in SNAP 9…

Here it is displayed in SNAP 10,

Here it is displayed in QGIS, with a map projection of 32613,
2024-05-13 18_15_38-_ast_proc_munrolake — QGIS

My scripts that I used to run on ASTER TIFs no longer work, they give me an error,
RuntimeError: org.esa.snap.core.gpf.OperatorException: The source product does not provide geo-information and cannot be reprojected

Any ideas what the source of the problem is?

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I Uninstalled SNAP 10 and reinstalled SNAP 9 and re-ran my scripts on the ASTER imagery in question and it’s not working either, so it’s not a SNAP issue, but a different projection for the ASTER imagery than last year? Not sure yet. But here is the error message I get,