Atmos correction for MSIL2A?

I’m doing land cover classification map with Sentinel-2 image and struggling to make sense of SNAP instructions…aas far as I understand, atmospheric correction has already been applied to L2A products?
If not, is this done with sens2cor?

Thank you

The L2 products are atmospherically corrected, yes. Please refer to the Sentinel-2 User Handbook to know more about processing and products:

Hello Lucy @clydefrog
As Ana @abruescas say, L2A are atmospherically corrected (Bottom Of Atmosphere). You can find more here:
and here:

I would note that I am preparing a new version of the User Handbook, in order to include a number of changes made in recent months to the content. This new version will replace the current version in the Document Library.



S2 MPC Operations Manager

Thank you @abruescas and @Jan :slight_smile: