Atmosferic correction

hello is it possible to do atmosferic correction on just two bands band 3 and 11 on sentinel 2 level 1C

If this is the only input to the atmospheric correction it would not work. But if you have more information as input then you can only correct these bands.

here is also a solution for running sen2cor on only selected bands or granules

thanks abraun

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hello again how i sheck that atmosferic correction hase been done correctely

sen2cor will report that it is officially finished. You can then have a look at your newly generated images and see if they changed over areas of subtle haze or shadowing effects.
Additionally, the image statistics might have changed.

if i can use the tool Identify in snap to check pixel values
will use it but i want to know what is the pixel value between Must be after correction

yes, the idenfity tab shows you the pixel valus under your cursor. You can split your window to switch between two products, one before and one after the correction.

i want to know what is the pixel value range Must be after correction

I don’t understand what you mean by “Must be”

The pixels should range between 0 and 1, as they now represent bottom of atmosphere reflectance.

yes yes thats right i found that the range pixel is between 0 and 1 thanks thnkas abraun so the correction has been done corectly

the data ranges between 0 and 1 before that already so this alone is no proof, but if L2A_process was completet, everything is fine.

thanks abraun