Atmospheric correction in Sentinel 3

Hi, I need to use atmospheric correction in OLCI level 1product of sentinel 3, and I didn´t find something like Sen2Cor. What can I do to do this? Thank you very much

There is currently no atmospheric correction similar to sen2cor for OLCI. All you could do is to develop your own.
Or use the Level2 products provided by Eumetsat, but probably not that what you want.

See also

The iCOR version for Sentinel-3 is now freely available to perform atmospheric correction for land and for coastal, transitional and inland waters. iCOR for Sentinel-3 OLCI is a modified implementation of the ICOR approach as already implemented in SNAP for the correction of Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8.

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Hi marpet,
The water_leaving reflectance in S3*_OL_2_WFR product , is it the atmospheric correction product? It’s similar with the result from iCOR correction,right?

and I also find a tool in SNAP: Rayleigh correction, does the correction results from this tool similar with water_leaving reflectance ?
Looking forward to your reply.

Hi Chen,
In the case of the standard S3_L2 products quantities are comparable, but the standard processing is different:

Rayleigh correction only removes molecular scattering, but not the effects of the aerosols, so these are not water leaving reflectance, but Bottom of Rayleigh Reflectance (BRR).

Hi, abruescas
thanks for your reply :grinning:
if they are comparable, I’d like to use the reflectance in S3_L2 products to calculate water quality index.