Atmospheric correction of InSAR interefrograms


I am wondering if anyone tried to process the GACOS atmospheric correction on Sentinel1 InSAR interferograms produced by SNAP?
In the GACOS_UItility example provided in the manual GACOS_ReadMe.pdf (478.0 KB), it is mentioned that data storage of the interferogram should be grid binary format.
In my case, I created the interferogram using SNAP and then exported it in “.tiff” format. However, I had an error of invalid identifier while reading the header of the interferogram file using the matlab code of the example provided by GACOS.

Could you please help me to solve this issue?
Thank you.

Hi @chayma,
Did you have any success on that topic? It would be nice to have the opportunity to correct interferograms with the GACOS correction. I have to idea where your error comes from - sorry.


Sorry I am not working on this topic anymore.