Atmospheric correction using sen2cor of clip images


How can I do atmospheric correction of crop images using Sen2Cor?

I cropped all the images with rasterio and replaced the IMG_DATA/ with the new ones. After this, i just ran the same command used earlier:

“L2A_Process S2A_MSIL1C_20191111T132241_N0208_R038_T22KHB_20191111T145626.SAFE --debug”

But the result is a stretched image with no projection, how can I do this, propertly?

Thank you.

I think you should apply sen2cor firstly and then you could subset all your tiles,

Thanks for your answer falahfakhri, but I’d like to crop before because of the time of correction

As far as I know sen2cor expects the original data and cropping can only be done afterwads.

Thank you marpet.