Atmospheric Correction Workflow on Python


I’m trying to implement the LibRadTran model manually to Sentinel 2/3 (GitHub - EdGrrr/pyLRT: A simple python interface/wrapper for LibRadTran)

Manually meaning “using the data generated by other radiative transfer models (modtran, accolite, libradtran, etc.) and being able to apply it to L1 Sentinel data with Python”

GUI make this a blackbox and I would like to understand it

I currently don’t know what to do with these libraries as the generated data doesn’t mean anything to me

Could you please point me in the right direction (I know I have to do some studying) on how to implement these libraries to L1 Sentinel data?


It would be good if you tell us first what you are trying to do. the forum is mainly devoted to SNAP, not Python or radiative transfer codes. If you could explain what is your objective, maybe we can point out to another resources, or try to help you with SNAP.

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