Automatic Build Server for SNAPHU on Windows Available


I noticed that the version of SNAPHU on the ESA website is outdated (it is v1.4, and v2.0.4 is the newest one), so I figured out how to build it myself.

After getting to work, I decided to set up a GitHub Repository with GitHub Actions set up on it. The repository will check the SNAPHU homepage once a week, and if a new version has been released, it will automatically compile it as a Windows exe file, and upload it to the releases page.

This repository can be found here:

The process that I used to manually compile an executable can be found in the file. The automatic build process is identical, but with a python script that checks the SNAPHU website for a new version, and downloads it. All of the files used in the automatic build process are documented in order to make clear how the build process works.

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