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I didn’t find a section for general Sentinel data related questions, so I’ll ask here. I have downloaded some Sentinel 2 data and inside the main folder there is one folder AUX_DATA which is empty. In the spcification document (page 404) I’ve found following information:

“AUX_DATA: folder containing, if requested by the user (download option), the GIPP files and IERS Bulletins used for the Level-1C User Product production. All Level-1C auxiliary data are referenced in the product metadata file. In addition, the Level-1C User Product embeds always at GRANULE (TILE) level an elementary set of meteorological datasets resampled ECMWF in tile geometry.”

My question is: where can I find the download option for requesting this auxiliary data?

I have the same problem, cannot find the aux data, in particular the ECMWF data such as surface pressure and ozone. According to the S2 handbook, these data should be included in the product

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The official channel to request support on Sentinel data can be found on Sentinel Online Portal.

This doesn’t exclude that some member from the community is able to give a reply to the question. This forum is for the SNAP and related Toolboxes not the Sentinel data generation and distribution for which the official channel above exists.

Beside that this is an data issue it is also an issue of the reader in SNAP.
Even if the AUX_DATA is present in the product data the reader doesn’t read it.

[SIITBX-357] Missing ECMWF data in Sentinel-2 MSI products - JIRA

The ECMWF Data can be found in the GRANULE/AUX_DATA folder of L1C and L2A products:

The contents of the ECMWF file can be visualised in Panoply ( after adding the grb extension on the end of the file:

S2MPC Operations Manager


Thanks Jan…

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