Avoiding Anaconda installation

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I have a configuration which is stable since it comes directly from the official Ubuntu (16.04) repository + things I have installed over the years over a stable python 2.7 environment.
I am very reluctant to install Anaconda in case it messes up all this.
Any suggestion?
I would think that the official python releases would run best. Is there a way of getting the sen2cor egg on top of a standard release? I know, might not be the most stable thing…

Thanks in advance

This does not answer your question, but may be helpful nevertheless:

For me sen2cor has caused quite some trouble (breaking other python programs), when I accidentally installed it into my systems python environment.
Since then I pay special attention to make sure it runs only under anaconda and everything is fine.

Just don’t add the anaconda path to your systems path variable, then they should happily co-exist.
I just add anaconda to the $PATH temporarily when in the terminal session from which I run L2A_process.

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Indeed, the whole point of Anaconda is to not mess up your system Python installation. It creates virtual Python environments that are contained and do not conflict with system files.

Also, sen2cor is very sensitive to library changes, even the slightest update may break it, so it would be extremely unlikely that the system python installation would work anyway.

Thanks for the PATH trick, I will just do this.

I really dislike Anaconda, for example I wanted to have osgeo and you cannot as well as plenty of other little utilities that run smoothly on the regular distrib.
Effectively to get sen2cor to work, I had to downgrade packages and all kind of other silly things. I have not met documentation which is compatible with the current anaconda (4.4) and clearly sen2cor does not work out of the box on it. This is very non-‘pythonesque’ I would think that a virtual environment based on the regular distrib would be better.
Considering that I have been invaded with Anaconda now and that plenty of my codes do not work I would suggest to use a virtual machine actually to run SNAP. Not very computing-resource efficient but at least clean for your install.
Could be a good idea if some talented and didactic members update a ‘how to’ install sen2cor in a clean way. I honnestly cannot recall what I did in the end since every patch lead to another error message until I got it to run now.
Thanks for your answers!

Again, the fact that you can downgrade packages and do other silly things in Anaconda is the reason you need to use it. The distribution Python packages are stuck at whatever version they are provided, you can’t change that. If (and when) there is a package that is either too old or too new compared to what sen2cor was built against (and it requires real specific versions of numpy and libxml at the very least), you can’t do anything about it with the distribution packages, but you can downgrade or upgrade as needed with Anaconda. And if you mess something up in the process, you can just delete the Anaconda environment and start over, without affecting your system.

But yes, indeed, don’t use Anaconda’s PATH changes if you want to use your distribution’s Python implementation. Rather, source the PATH changes each time you want to use Anaconda.

After some analize all this geo processing tools, i choose the Docker way. just install docker and build virtial machines images from docker file. No mess in any tools, because each docker image surves its own single task.

It seems that sen2cor 2.4.0 does not use Anaconda anymore. It works out of the box after installation.

Have you anything like a manual which says that? Or did you just tried it?

Until now I could not find any manuals for 2.4.0.
But the install process (at least for Windows) is very different from earlier versions. Just install, configure and run. The python.exe and python-libs are within the install folder (.\bin and .\Lib).

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Dear users,

Thank you for your interest in Sen2Cor. Please note that Sen2Cor 2.4.0 was not officially released. This is the reason there is no manual for this version. Please do not use this version, do not open threads or discussions related/based on this version. This version contains bugs that will be fixed in the official release. As usual, when it will be officially released, a news will be available on the STEP website. Finally, please note that Sen2Cor 2.4.0 is not available for download at the up-mentioned address. We are sorry for any inconvenience related to this topic.

Sen2Cor team.


Hi all, the new installers are now avaiable:

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