B1 not included in Sen2COR output


Why band1 is not included in the Sen2COR output, even i saw band1 in Sen2COR published paper.

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Why B1 is not included in the Sen2COR output?

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I was having the same problem and found a workaround on my end. In the config file “L2A_PB_GIPP.xml”, I changed the value of “Baseline_Version” from 99.99 to 02.11.

The file is located in “\Sen2Cor-02.11.00-win64\Lib\site-packages\sen2cor\cfg”

I am using sen2cor 2.11 and SNAP 9.0 to open it. The images I am converting are from 2018. Not sure why it works, must have something to do with how SNAP reads metadata.

The answer is the different resolutions.
At 10m the B1 and B10 bands are not generated only at 60m.

I was having the same issue even when generating the 60m bands, B1 would never show in SNAP unless I made the change in the xml file.

So, this might then be an issue in 2.11 of Sen2Cor.

@bdpg Do you know about this?

I encountered the same problem even while producing the 60m bands; B1 would not appear in SNAP until the xml file was modified.

@Amalia-Castro-Gomez Can you have a look?

When your L2A output is created (in your computer), can you find B01 in the R60m folder? (inside Granule > L2A_ subfolder > IMG_DATA > R60).
If you find it correctly, what happens when you read the B01 file in another software, e.g. QGIS - does it appear corrupt?

I think I have the same problem. When the Sen2Cor290 result (.SAFE) is dropped into SNAP B01 is missing. But as @Amalia-Castro-Gomez mentions, when I open
in QGIS the image appears fine. Any suggestions?

I’ve found the XML and changed the value for Baseline_Version from 99.99 to 02.11 for the standalone Sen2Cor-02.11.00, ran it and B1 has shown up in the output. Yay! But I’m not sure where I would find this for the Sen2Cor Plugins for SNAP? I’ve looked in the Documents\sen2cor\2.9 (and other versions) \cfg but the Baseline property doesn’t exist in them.

@diana_harosa , would you have some advice regarding this? (for the Sen2Cor v2.11 Plugin)

@cndnflyr For Sen2Cor plugin, the file is located in