B8 missing after using C2RCC

After using C2RCC MSI for AC on L1 Sentinel-2, Rrs output of band 8 is missing, i need this band for deglinting purposes as it has high spatial resolution. How to resolve this?

My colleague Kerstin answered a while ago why the B8 is not available in the C2RCC result:

If you need it you need to work on it on the L1 data or on the official L2A. Afterwards you can merge the result with the C2RCC result.

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sorry to interupted you all. I want to calculate band 8 and other SWIR band and as you mentioned before we can merge L1/L2A data and C2RCC result.

I have questions about this:

  1. Is it okay if I merge S2A L1C before C2rcc process and S2A L1C after C2RCC process to get other band that missing?
  2. How I can merge this 2 difference files using SNAP?
  3. If I want to calculate Floating debris index which is use Rrs of band 8 and 11, could I use the files that I have been merge before as my question in number 2.

You could use the Collocation tool. But there you will be mixing atmospherically corrected bands with TOA radiance in your algorithm, and this is not recommended.