Back geocoding - precision of the exported offsets


we would like to use the rgOffset files, exported during Back-geocoding step, for InSAR phase corrections.

Unfortunately, their precision (float32) is insufficient: the precision in far range (where the coordinate is about 25000) is only about 0.002, corresponding to about 1 rad in phase - which is far too much.

Please, is it possible to change the precision of the exported offsets to float64, or make them real offsets (and not slave coordinates), so that we get rid of the large numbers before decimal point?

(The topics regards Sentinel-1.)

(And actually, we don’t use SNAP, but GPT. I am not sure if the rgOffsets can still be exported in SNAP.)

Thank you, Ivana

@lveci @jun_lu please investigate.

Regarding terminology, GPT is also SNAP :slight_smile: