Back geocoding Problem using SLC

Hello, I am working with SLC product
while preprocessing with the images separately it is fine but when performing the geocoding process I can only view the master image while the slave remains dimmed and after the back geocoding for the rest of the preprocessing steps i cannot view the image there is an image but a dimmed one. Could you please tell me where i am going wrong ?
Thank You

maybe the data you use is sea area?

Judging by the filenames the products are from the same data-take but consecutive in time (there’s a 2 second overlap). They cannot be stacked or co-registered since they don’t overlap properly.

What are you trying to achieve?

@mengdahl I am trying to repeat the above exercise of Urban Mapping using SLC data for my area of study which is a region in Saudi Arabia, usually I use GRD for sentinel 1 processing but its my first time using SLC data I wanted to understand the problem to avoid it later on.
I get what you mean about the overlap time, I will try finding different data for the same area.
Thanks for your reply

@domino1989 No, it isn’t.
Maybe a small part of it which is not more than 30 % of the image maybe even less.
Thank for your reply :slightly_smiling_face: