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Please delete after addressing this- Because I’m referring to really basic questions here.
I’m using S1-EW mode Med Resolution data for a cryosphere application.
I’m in the middle of my analysis and I just referred to my data (raw data) and realized that - I have at a point merged 1A and 1B types (merged as in mosaicked) whereas Kept Ascending flight direction constant for data downloads.
Now, my question is, mosaicking 2 images of 1A & 1B would not give me accurate results when I’m trying to look at particular patterns on images?
Like, I’m looking at temporal gaps of the patterns - like seasonality… Will 1A & 1B at poles make my results wrong if I’m using a combination due to the non-availability of data covering complete ROI using either 1A /1B only?

Please educate me on this. I’m looking at technical docs and other references but am unable to locate one which directly addresses this. I only understand that the repeating cycle is 6 days (could be less at poles?) - making me assume 1A & 1B are 6 days apart?

Please suggest
Thanks in advance!!!