Bad Displacement map after terrain correction

I used external 5 m DEM to create interferogram but the displacement map after “phase to displacement” is so so bad. Most of the areas are just BLACK.

Can anyone please help me? The processes I did in order were:
Topographical Phase removal
Goldstein Phase Filtering and Mulitlooking
Phase unwrapping
Phase to displacement
Range Doppler Terrain Correction.

how does the coherence layer look? Can you please also show the interferogram image?

Here they are…

looks good, but those lines are a bit suspicious. Maybe they cause trouble at the unwrapping step.

Did you select any valid pixel expression for the coherence?

Those lines are there because I used an external 5m DEM for the study area

Still thinking of coherence…

Solved the problem, i was using .img file obtained from snaphu export for input instead of using .hdr file. Thank you for listening to the problem :slight_smile: Capture|656x500