Bad reprojection

Dear users and developers,
the SNAP 2.0-beta-07 fails to reproject an OLCI L2 (water) image. I tried with an image from the test dataset developed by Acri. Any hints or news?

Hi, what is the error you observe? What type of reprojection have you done? Are you using the test dataset provided on this page?

This is what comes out.


You are not using SNAP 2.0-beta-07 in this screenshot



The problem here is not SNAP but the testdata. The geo-referencing is not meaningful in the source product.

we found out that you can fix this problem in two different ways.

  1. Open the xfdumanifest.xml in a text editor and search for the line containing <olci:rowsPerTiePoint>. Change the value to 1.
  2. Before opening a product open the the options dialog (Tools–>Options) in SNAP. Choose the S3TBX tab here and enable the option ‘Read Sentinel-3 OLCI products with per-pixel geo-coding’

Both options work for most products of the TDS. However I found at least one product S3A_OL_2_WRR____20080802T095919_20080802T104312_20150703T115013_2632_070_466______MAR_D_NT_001.SEN3 where it is not working.

An update of the TDS is planned as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help.
We are actually in contact with Acri, as we are expected to provide operational OLCI water products.


For more information on this issue and how to reproject the TDS please see Updated OLCI test data set