Band math - getting 'NO DATA' when the value should be negative

I’m processing Sentinel 1 data to get the information about soil moisture. I am using one of the semi-emprical models and when I try to get the first component of model - roughness model, the output contains of many ‘NO DATA’ pixels. Here is a part of formula I’m using:

(1-((Sigma0_VH / Sigma0_VV)/(0.095*((1.3+(sin(rad(localIncidenceAngle)))^1.5)^1.4)))

I’ve tried to divide the formula in pieces, to check which part is generating problems. I found out that everything is fine when I execute this part (let’s call it ‘A’):

A = ((Sigma0_VH / Sigma0_VV)/(0.095*((1.3+(sin(rad(localIncidenceAngle)))^1.5)^1.4))

But when I try: (1 - (A)), then I get ‘NO DATA’ in parts, which should have negative values. The variable type is double. Does anyone know what’s the problem?


Please check the valid-pixel expression of the computed band.
Maybe it helps if you remove it. It is usually automatically created based on the expression and the used bands.
You can change this expression by in the Properties dialog of the band (Right-Click / Properties).

It works! Thank you.