Band problem

Recently, I’ve been encountering numerous issues with SNAP, and I’m beginning to feel extremely confused as a result of these problems. I kindly ask for your assistance in finding a solution. The images I obtain from the ALASKA FACILITY website do not contain the vv SW2 band, and I believe this might be causing an orbit file error to appear. This is because the area I work on is present in this band SW2. The images have recently become larger, and the problem isn’t identified until after they’re downloaded. What could be causing this issue?

Dear @sall,

This is a known issue in SNAP 9, which is not able to read all bands from the archived s1 products.
The issue has been fixed in the recently released SNAP 10.

As a workaround for SNAP 9, you can try to open the unzipped product.

Issues like this have been already reported to us some time ago and all is solved with version 10 of SNAP (available since few days)
I have just checked random product downloaded from ASF and it works

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