Banding in Sentinel-1 GRDH product

Hi all,

I’m working with GRDH. My images have some banding, probably indicating the 3 swaths from the IW product. How do you deal with those 3 swaths? I understand you can split the SLC product, but not the GRDH.

Thank you in advance


can you please provide a screenshot? It’s not quire clear to me what you mean with ‘banding’.

OK here it is! Please notice the left most swath is brighter than the middle and the right most swath. The changes are very abrupt, I would expect a more gradual change if this was just an incidence angle effect.

Thank you again.

you can try the radiometric calibration. I don’t know if it equalizes differences in the swaths but it’s worth a try.
In addition to that, you can remove the antenna pattern and thermal noise.