Bandmath with each file

I have problem with bandmath
I downloaded sentinel-3 OLCI data
I want to see mean chl with this file
I mean mean of 2021.08.12 to 08.23
'S3B_OL_2_WFR____20210816T013424_20210816T013724_20210817T132801_0179_056_017_2340_MAR_O_NT_003 ’

I’d like to mean with each of chl
just like (chl of 08.12+chl of 08.16+chl of 08.20+chl of 08.23)/4
Do you have any idea just let me know

The binning tool is what you should use for this.
You find it in the menu at Raster / Geometric / Level-3 Binning.

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Thanks for reply
just like this?

Yes, and then in the Configuration tab you select the variables and how they are aggregated.

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Thanks!!! It works!!

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