BandMaths input problem in Graph Builder

I’m trying to implement a basic process in the Graph Builder. See attached for the graphic view of the process.

My problem is the inputs to the BandMaths(2) step, when defining the expression. It recognises the output of the Calibration step, but it will not recognise the output from the preceding BandMaths step. Therefore I am not able to define the necessary expression and the process is incomplete.

Is there an issue with multiple inputs to a BandMaths operator? Or is there another way to define this outside of the Graph Builder since I will eventually run this on the command line, not in the GUI? Any help would be very welcome.


Yes, there is an issue (SNAP-646) with BandMaths and multiple input product when used in the Graph Builder. From the command line it should work.
Export your graph you have created with the Graph Builder and adapt it so that the BandMaths node takes two source products.
Please have also a look at the help pages in SNAP. Especially at the Bandmaths help.
Type in the search box in the upper right “BandMaths” and you will get to the page.