Bands extractor operator


Why if I use the Bands extractor operator “normally” it works but if I use it in graph builder it can’t see the source bands?


can you please share the xml?


yes, sure. it’s a Sentinel 2A, here is the .xml MTD_MSIL1C.xml (43.3 KB)


I can add that I encountered the same issue on S-1 data (LinuxMint system).


sorry, I meant the graph file, not the MTD :slight_smile:


sorry, here it is band_extr_Graph.xml (1.3 KB)


thank you. I expected another error (this one) but it is not the case, sorry.
I can confirm that it is not related to your system, your data, or Sentinel-2. I get the same messge for all kinds of input.


a colleague suggests to use “band select” in raster -> data conversion, when using Graph builder