Base line in SNAP

thank you @mengdahl, much appreciated :smiley:

Hello falahfakhri. What is the shortcut to the baseline?Thanks.

Hi ABraun,

Some months ago I could create a baseline chart using the ASF baseline tool as in video you uploaded, but Now, this tool seems to be different. I cannot switch to SBAS beta from PS baseline chart as below

I have no idea, sorry.


I found a problem while trying to plot the baseline chart using the ASF baseline tool. I can’t get the plot for any Sentinel1 granule. Does anyone have the same problem? Could you please suggest solution to get the baseline chart?
Thank you.

It was reported here yesterday: Baseline Tool

No solution however yet, hopefully this bug will ne fixed soon. Has anyone reported it to ASF yet?

@ABraun yes i reported through ASF feedback portal

The ASF baseline tool is now working

Hi all,
I am not sure if I am doing it right by reactivating this thread but I have found something that is a bit confusing to me. Please forgive me it this is my ignorance as I am somewhat new to interferometry.

I also need to find out the Bperp for the S1A data pair that I have downloaded. I tried it in SNAP and it is giving me |8.29| m while the same data pair is giving me |1| m in ASF Baseline tool. Please have a look at the figs attached.
It will be highly appreciated if someone may please help me in understanding why this difference has arisen here.
Thank you in advance.

maybe the ASF data uses different orbit information. Have you applied orbit files in SNAP already?

is that webserver error or i selected unnormal image pairs here. It is Alaska server

Most of the baselines appear to be zero in that plot - not realistic.

Dear ABraun,
How can I export these above values (show in the figure) into a CSV file? I try to copy these above values in CSV file but the copy option is not working.
Because it is very difficult to enter manually.

if you have already conducted the coregistration, you can open the InSAR Stack tool (Tool > Windows > Radar > InSAR Stack) which allows to export the values

The required parameters are already presented without doing the corgistration (means in Insar stack overview we are getting master image and the required parameters for baseline plot).

If corgistration is must, I’m using python wrappers for sanp2stamps. So what input I have to use in InSAR stack.

I know but this is the only work around I know with currently allows to export the numbers from the table.
You can use the stack operator, it is less accurate but faster.

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Right now I’m using InSAR stack overview command to get baseline values, then using StaMPS-Visualizer tool to plot the baseline figure. We need a direct option in InSAR stack Overview to export presented values to CSV file.
Please rise this issue.

Thanks ABraun.

done: [SITBX-873] Export from InSAR Stack Overview to CSV - JIRA

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Thank you ABraun.

Hi everyone.
I have tried to create a coregistered stack to draw the perpendicular baseline graph like the first picture with these steps:
1- Topsar Split
2- Apply the orbit file
3- Back Geocoding
4- ESD

but I got this error

I have tested Any help would be appreciated.