Base line in SNAP


Hi,lidahai, sorry to your problem, I have no idea to find interfermetry pairs with baseline larger than 200m. Best wishs:sweat_smile:


you can use the ASF baseline tool to identify image pairs with larger baselines:


Thanks anyway.The method provided by @ABraun turned out to be instrumental . Maybe you can try it next time.:smile:


amazing! thanks! @lidahai @ABraun:grinning:


Hi @ABraun

I have a -ve perpendicular baseline. It is my understanding that the optimal Bperp is between 150m & 300m. Does this also apply to its negative counterparts: -150m & -300m? Thanks


Yes, the sign only indicates on which “side” the slave acquisition is from the master acquisition. If you reverse the master and slave the sign changes.


thank you @mengdahl, much appreciated :smiley:


Hello falahfakhri. What is the shortcut to the baseline?Thanks.


Hi ABraun,

Some months ago I could create a baseline chart using the ASF baseline tool as in video you uploaded, but Now, this tool seems to be different. I cannot switch to SBAS beta from PS baseline chart as below


I have no idea, sorry.