Base line in SNAP

The required parameters are already presented without doing the corgistration (means in Insar stack overview we are getting master image and the required parameters for baseline plot).

If corgistration is must, I’m using python wrappers for sanp2stamps. So what input I have to use in InSAR stack.

I know but this is the only work around I know with currently allows to export the numbers from the table.
You can use the stack operator, it is less accurate but faster.

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Right now I’m using InSAR stack overview command to get baseline values, then using StaMPS-Visualizer tool to plot the baseline figure. We need a direct option in InSAR stack Overview to export presented values to CSV file.
Please rise this issue.

Thanks ABraun.

done: [SITBX-873] - JIRA

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Thank you ABraun.

Hi everyone.
I have tried to create a coregistered stack to draw the perpendicular baseline graph like the first picture with these steps:
1- Topsar Split
2- Apply the orbit file
3- Back Geocoding
4- ESD

but I got this error

I have tested Any help would be appreciated.

How can I copy all these values at once into an excel sheet instead of typing every entry one by one ? Is there a way to export those values?

Suppose and ascending orbit looking East, if the slave acquisiton’s orbit is shifted east (to the right) of the master orbit, will the sign be positive? and if the slave’s orbit is shifter west (to the left) of the master’s orbit, will the sign be negative?

Additionally, does the sign has any value in DInSAR measurements?

has this issue been solved or at least been avoided by a workaround ?

This is an excellent idea for new functionality, than you suribabu and Shadi1! @mfitrzyk @lveci

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