Baseline information

Hello! I’m working with the command “InSAR stack overview”.
I know that’s possible to find the perpendicular baseline in this way.
Is it possible to know which are the operations that SNAP performs to obtain this result?
Every theoric remark or link are appreciated

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I think it is done like Hooper 2007 in [17] equation (1) to find the master, and then, the difference from this master Bperp value to each slave…

Hello @fabnappi1
I found the easy way if you know only file name, then, you can get help from Alaska Satellite Facility to know the baseline in time and distance. Please, follow this link and bring one of your file (granule) names:
Juan López

The mission I’m working with is the “Tandem x” one. I’m processing Napoli’s gulf images. Is it possible to obtain the same informations with this link or another similar one?

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does that mean you have only a bistatic image pair of the same date?
In this case the perpendicular baseline should be available in the metadata.

Dear ABraun:
can you please guide me that how to calculate perpendicular baseline with two metadata.xml?
Thanks in advance

In the SNAP GUI you can use the InSAR Stack Overview operator to get it.

Currently, it is not accessible via GPT: INSAR / DINSAR - Perpendicular baseline calculation

Maybe it works with snappy or snapista, I haven’t tried.

Hi,can you help me on the tutorial of InSAR SLC L1 processing from the begining up to creation of baseline and time series graph by using SNAP