Basic question about c2rcc, chl-a concentration

Hello to everyone, i am just looking for the sea chl-a concentration levels and i got a question about that. When we get the chl-a concentration, the unit of the value is “mg/L”. But how is the sensing work on that? How can it calculate the volume of the pixels? I didn’t give any sea depth so how it’s done? Can anyone explain me the basis of the logic behind it? Thanks for the answers…

The early algorithms were based on blue/green ratios of remote sensing reflectances and fitting a simple model curve to in situ data for mg phytoplankton biomass in a litre of water. There are newer algorithms based on intrinsic optical properties that take into account the various contributions to the reflectances from pure seawater, non-algal pigments, algal pigments, etc. The IOCCG has series of reports that you may find helpful.

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