Batch problem

Good evening. After SNAP’s updating I can’t understand one thing:

Why the don’t change to the date, (with type, acquisition etc.) as it did in the earlier version ? That’s why SNAP make the same names for the 21 august and for the 4 july SAR data. Can you help me, what could I do for repair this problem ?

I would be interested in this as well.

It has been asked before. The answer sounds more like a workaround than a solution, but it might work for you.


Not sure about what is causing the problem (maybe a software bug) but I found a possible solution:

When you add only one, the refresh button is not active so the type, adquisition, track, etc. information cannot be updated.

But, if you add another product (or even you add again the same one), the refresh button activates and all the info can be updated. After that, you can delete the second product

Hope this helps you

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thank you for the reply. I also stumbled upon this when I searched for the solution.
I was just wondering what to enter in the writer tab of the graph then. Wouldn’t all files then again have the same name or is there some wildcard option for the writer (like the date of the image, for example)?

Yes, probably a bug. I also don’t know what’s wrong but I hope @junlu will chime in.