Batch process Land-Sea-Mask,c2rcc

I am trying to batch process OLCI images using .xml. I want to crop with Land-Sea-Mask first and apply c2rcc. But the program is not running; can you help me see where the error is?
That’s the command I used:
D:\OLCIL1\gpt\processDataset-mask-c2rcc.bat D:\OLCIL1\gpt\mask-c2rcc.xml F:\OLCIL1\qhh1 F:\OLCIL1\qhh2 c2rcc

mask-c2rcc.xml (2.6 KB)
processDataset-mask-c2rcc.bat (1.8 KB)

What kind of error do you get? This would be helpful to know in order to help you.
However, a problem can be the special characters in the path:
F:\Desktop\sang data\F1采样区域\采样湖\QHH.shp