Batch processing for vertical displacement

Hello. I want to process 20 images from start to find vertical displacement in which one is master and other all are slave, is there any batch processing which can easily go to all steps like TOPS Coregisteration, interferogram generation, Topographic Phase removal, Deburst, Goldstein Phase removal etc? please help me out. Thankks

you can use the snap2stamps package: Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

The first three scripts

  1. slaves_prep
  2. splitting_slaves
  3. coreg_ifg_topsar

will automate what you want to do, at least until the deburst and unwrapping steps, which have to follow. But the mentioned ones are surely the ones which cause the most work and you should be able to do the rest in comparably short time then.

ok thank you let me try. one more question please, what is the difference between these two topographic phase removal ?

There is no technical difference between them. One is a a separate module (as it was initially contained in previous versions of SNAP) and the other oen combines both steps. So you can directly use the Interferogram operator and select this option.

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Thank you. for batch processing instead of python script is there any model/GUI method?

I don’t know any, sorry.

Ok thank you