Batch processing of Sentinel 1 data in offline mode

We are trying process S1 data (batch processing using graph ). It has to do terrain correction also. It is running fine if the system is connected to internet and the option for DEM is selected as auto download. But we want to run it in a system which is not connected to internet. When we tried with external DEM, the process completes, but it is not doing terrain correction and the size of the image is increases 4 times. Kindly provide solution to overcome the issue.

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did you look at the xml file if the location of the external DEM is actually included?

After adding the images and graph, we have manually selected the external DEM option and added the external DEM in the terrain correction tab in the GUI. The external DEM was the mosaic of all the DEM SRTMarc3sec grid covering entire region of interest.

Is the DEM still in WGS84?
Did DEM work outside a graph?

If both answers are ‘yes’, would you please post the xml file here?

Hi ABraun,

Thanks for the reply. The DEM is in WGS84(it is he mosaic of SRTM tiles of 3 Arc Sec taken from the auto download folder of snap ie. .snap\auxdata\dem\SRTM 3Sec). I am uploading the graph xml . Kindly change the external DEM path.
Kindly provide a solution to run it in offline mode. Also how can we run the graph directly from command line by passing input folder path and output directory?

s1A_batch_offline.xml (7.6 KB)

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I think you need to enter the whole path to the DEM instead just the name of the file.